Pros and Cons of Basic Cloud VoIP Solutions and Premium VoIP solution


Have been researching for cloud phone systems and have been baffled with the gamut of features, service levels and prices available across VoIP service providers? Are you simply comparing VoIP providers and looking to pick the one with the lowest price or you think considering the other aspects as well?Well, we have tried and make your life simple. Read on…

Basic Cloud VoIP solution

Many VoIP providers offer basic Cloud VoIP service; actually so many that it has almost become a commodity with vendors competing about offering best price!Basic cloud VoIP providers offer third-party provided desk phones, dial tone with inbound and outbound local and long distance in the United States. It includes voicemail features and sometimes comes with limited call routing capabilities. In some cases, desk phone handsets are included in the monthly price; in others you can use existing or separately purchased phones. The voice data in basic cloud VoIP system is transmitted over the public internet and the audio quality depends on customers’ internet connection as well as the internet traffic during the time of the call.

Basic Cloud VoIP Providers, in most of the cases, ship the phones to the client and the client is responsible for setting it up, ensuring internet connectivity and configuring their own call flow. Vendors provide the instructions. The cost of basic cloud VoIP can vary but is base price is considerably on the lower side.

Businesses that do not rely much on telecommunication system for generating revenue only seek to maintain a formidable brand experience via interaction with their partners/clients should go for Basic Cloud VoIP. This specific VoIP system reduces expenses and is suitable for smaller organizations.

Basic Cloud VoIP, however has two downsides to consider. The quality of the voice signal is dependent on the on the personal Internet connectivity. This brings possibilities in variations in the calling experience. If the client’s ISP experiences problems or downtime, users will not be able to initiate/receive calls from their desk phones. Secondly,with basic cloud VoIP service,users should be prepared to deploy the entire system with minimal involvement from the vendor. The entire solution has to be maintained on own and in case of unknown error, may God be the savior!

Premium VoIP solution

For businesses that value phone quality, it’s better to opt for a Premium VoIP solution. Premium Managed VoIP solution providers include unique customer experience as well as a horde of sophisticated, easy to use applications to unify corporate communications.Premium Managed VoIP solution includes every single feature that a business can expect from an enterprise class phone system, such as, auto attendants, personal call routing, desktop call management, instant messaging, screen sharing, video chat etc. Some providers offer integration of call activity to the most popular CRM applications as well as “click-to-dial” from any browser and from Microsoft Outlook.

Premium VoIP solution connects users to the service providers data centers through private circuits. The service providers also deploy backup connectivity to ensure unflawed communication, in case, the primary circuit faces any problem.The service providers of Premium Managed VoIP solution assist with the deployment of the system from simple set-up issues tointricate network or location configurations. This is another major benefit.

The price of Premium VoIP solution is more than the Basic Cloud VoIP system and the rates depend on varying factors such as network connectivity type, the number of users and services needed for each user etc. While the cost attached to the Premium VoIP service is high, the astounding solution it provides actually outweighs the cost.

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